A Movement for Positive Change.

Yes, it's true. There are several networking groups out there but we feel like something is missing for CMOs. We are nurturing a community that is about supporting each other. We also want to be about something bigger than ourselves as a collective force for positive social change.

Working with people you respect to create something bigger than any individual. Being open minded and humble. Admitting when you are wrong, learning and growing.

Challenge Bravely
We are not afraid to rethink the way it has always been done. We pioneer new ways of thinking, while also bringing forth the best practices we learned to adapt quickly and meet customer / consumer engagement needs.

Everything is Possible
We make big things happen and tackle what others can’t or won’t. We are resilient, determined and optimistic.

Be a Whole Person
We know we are better when we are authentic to ourselves and our passions. We also now the more diversity of thought and experience the better outcomes we can achieve.

Give Back
We are fortunate to have had mentors, colleagues and others who have gave us a chance to shine and prove our potential. We support the development, progression and advancement of others. Our tribe aspires to make our community, our colleagues, and the world a better place.

Do Great Things

Whether you're looking to share your own experiences or learn from others, our group provides a platform for open and honest discussions with fellow professionals who truly understand what you're going through.


Find Your People

We believe that by connecting with peers who share your passion and drive, you can gain invaluable insights and support to help you navigate the unique challenges of this role.


Grow Together

By joining our community, you'll be part of a group of people who share your passion for marketing and your commitment to excellence. Together, we can create a powerful network of support and collaboration that can help us all to succeed and grow as CMOs.